How to Deal with Moving Away from Home, Family, and Friends

How to Deal with Moving Away from Home, Family, and Friends

August 27, 2019 0 By John Rodriguez

How to Deal with Moving Away from Home, Family, and Friends

How to cope with moving away from family and friendsMoving to another home will introduce a number of changes – some for the better, some not so much. Sometimes moving away from home, family and friends can be so sudden and unexpected that you may not be mentally ready for that step. And if that’s the case, you’re likely to feel unsettled and unrooted for quite some time after the move is over.

Moving away from the people you love and the place in which you feel comfortable can be more difficult than you imagine. You may think you’ll be alright after the move only to find out that you’re really not. The thing is that nobody warned you that moving away will be that tough so you may be feeling a bit lost.

Here’s some good advice on how to deal with moving away from family and friends so that you can find your way again.

Realize the truth: moving away is not the end of it all

At first, the thought of having to move away from your family and friends can be rather painful and upsetting, to say the least. In reality, possibly the worst thing about moving to a new city or town is the fact that you’re about to move away from the people you love the most in life.

How are you supposed to manage it without the love, support, and friendship of your dear family members and good friends?

The most important thing to keep reminding yourself is that moving away is not the end. Rather, it’s a new beginning, it’s the start of a brand-new adventure where your post-move adaptation skills will prove to be invaluable.

Moving away from home is just a stepping stone to where you want to be. After the move, it’ll be a mere physical distance between you and your family members and your close friends, it won’t mean that you’ll be distancing yourself from the people you care about so much. The truth is that you’ll continue to care about your friends and family and you’ll see each other again, maybe even sooner than you think.

Thanks to today’s technology, you’ll be able to keep in touch with your loved ones regardless of the distance between you. When there’s a will, there’s a way – and the way is definitely there.

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Keep in touch with the people you love

Moving away from home, family and friends may be the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do in life. Still, there isn’t a single excuse not to keep in touch with the people who have meant the world to you just before the relocation.

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It’s perfectly fine to keep in touch with your family and friends the old-fashioned way. The important thing is not to lose that touch.

The great news is that you’ve got good options to keep your meaningful pre-move relationships alive – even without having to spend any money at all. Often, it’s keeping that vital link to the past that will keep you sane right after the house move and help you survive that precarious adaptation period in the new city or town.

For everyone who’s not particularly tech-savvy, there’s the phone. The people you miss so much are just on the other side of the telephone line, so to speak. Long-distance phone calls may not be free but if that’s the way you wish to keep in touch with your family and friends, then you can always check for a better plan with your phone service provider.

Don’t forget that you can still exchange real letters with your loved ones – paper, envelopes, stamps – the whole thing. Postcards are also a good way to say a quick Hi to the special persons you’ve just left behind.

And of course, the Internet has made long-distance communication a breeze – e-mailing, chatting or video conferencing, social networking – just take your pick. Also, there are many programs (Skype, FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp) that will let you do video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, and smartphones, for free.

Make plans to see your friends soon

One thing is certain – coping with moving away from home, family and friends will be a bitter pill to swallow. Yes, despite the distance, you should be able to keep in touch with the people you love… but that may not be enough for you. After all, there’s nothing even close to having a person by your side and spending some quality with him or her.

Get busy making plans to visit in person the people you miss so much – set a preliminary date, set aside some money for travel (easier said than done!). Just be proactive and do something. It may not be possible to do so for a while but it’ll be comforting for you to have future plans to think about whenever things get really tough soon after the relocation. That way, you’ll have something really nice to look forward to and that should help you cope with moving away to a new place with no friends.

Also, you may focus on getting your family members and best friends to visit you at your new home – a great idea if you just moved to a city or town they’ve never been to before. Ask them when they can visit you, then coordinate those dates with your own schedule to find the best time to reunite with the most important people for you from before the move.

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Make an effort to meet new people

The immediate post-relocation period can be very tough, especially if you just moved to a new city alone. Keeping meaningful relationships from before the move is critically important but making new ones will be the best antidote to a dangerous type of depression known as separation anxiety.

For some people, meeting new people and making friends in a new place can be a real struggle. Luckily, there are many ways to do it and you can choose the most natural and comfortable approach that you think will work best in your specific case. You don’t need to be an extrovert to be able to find new friends after the move – you just need to be willing to make an effort and open to believe that there are good friends out there, waiting for you to make the first step.

Bonding with your co-workers is a good way to make friends in a new city because you already have something in common – your work. Throwing a housewarming party and inviting some of your neighbors could help you find a good friend for life. Getting a dog will most likely get you to meet other dog lovers in the new place.

And of course, picking up a new hobby or resuming an old one, including signing up for art classes, dance classes, yoga, or even joining a gym or a sports club should help you be more social and meet and hopefully befriend some interesting people with similar interests.

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Focus on your job after the move

As long as you manage to you keep yourself busy and get into a comfortable daily routine, you will have less and less time to think about how you miss your old life and everything about it – especially your family and friends. Sometimes change can be a really tough thing to deal with after a move so a proven way to handle moving away from home is to stay busy by concentrating on your job.

How to deal with moving away from home

Focus on your job as a good way to deal with moving away from family and friends.

Maybe your job was the reason you moved so use it to shield yourself from negative and nostalgic thoughts, at least in the immediate post-relocation period. The daily interaction with your co-workers will also help you deal with moving away from home, friends, and family and may enable you to form new friendships without too much effort from you.

Focus on your work and the money you earn will make you more secure and more confident about the foreseeable future. But the best part is that working hard should enable you to save enough money to go back and visit your family members and your friends as soon as you have the opportunity. And that’s something to really look forward, isn’t it?

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Stay positive, for every new beginning is tough

As much as you will miss your family and friends, you should still make a genuine effort to stay positive and make the best of what you got rather than sit around and think about all the things you just lost due to the move. Too much negative thinking will get you in trouble so it’s really important that you summon all the positivity you’ve got left in you and use it to get into a more positive mindset where the glass is half-full rather than being half-empty.

Every new beginning is tough – you may have heard this phrase hundreds of times but it’s not until you get to experience it first-hand that you get to understand its true meaning. Just remind yourself why you moved in the first place – in the majority of cases, the fundamental reason to move house is good – a better job, a romantic relationship, college, or an adventurous spirit.

So, remembering that basic reason to pack your things and move away will make you feel better and can help you cope with moving away from family and friends. Nobody said that moving house was going to be easy, especially in the beginning, but it’s all about staying optimistic about the future and believing that your choice to move away will bring the largely positive experience you hoped for.

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Feel comfortable in your new home

One of the best ways to deal with moving away from home to create a new home where you’ll feel as comfortable as you possibly can.

Feeling comfortable in your new home is really important for getting back on the fast track of life.

When you’re feeling the pangs of nostalgia for the home you just lost and missing your friends and family like never before, then do your best to turn that new place into your sanctuary – the dream home you’ve always wanted for yourself.

You don’t really need to surround yourself with expensive furniture or pricey things to feel really comfortable in the new house or apartment. Arrange the new place to your own taste, make the entire living space cozier and more functional, hang your favorite framed artwork, including family photos and pictures of or with your dearest friends, put your favorite books on the bookshelves, have memory-filled objects on display to make you feel better.

One proven way to get that elusive sense of comfort, familiarity and security in the place you just moved to is to arrange the major items in the same way they were in your old home. The best thing about it is that you’re the one who’s making up the rules and you’ll just need to find what works for you and what doesn’t. Yes, it can be really difficult to deal with moving away but feeling cozy and comfortable in the new place is definitely a good start.

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Gift yourself more time to deal with it all

Ultimately, the best way to cope with moving away from friends and family is to be easy on yourself and give yourself more time to adapt to the newly-introduced changes. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Just take it slowly, one step at a time, and you should be able to get back on track soon enough. It takes time to get used to a new environment so you’ll need to arm yourself with patience in order to regain your balance and rediscover your inner peace.

Make sure you keep in touch with your friends and family on a regular basis and be open to meeting new people and forming new relationships. In the end, it’ll be up to you to choose whether Time will be your trusted ally or your worst enemy.

If you’re yet to move away, then you should know that it can be really, really hard to deal with moving away from home for the first time. There are so many moving tasks to take care of that you’re likely to get rather overwhelmed even weeks before the move-out day. In such cases, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let professional movers handle the stress of moving while you’re working on ways to deal with the fact that you’re moving away – away from family, friends, and the place you’ll soon leave.

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