How I Started My Highly Successful Moving Company That Earns 6 Figures every Year

Are you looking to start a moving business? In 2008 I started my business with almost nothing. All I had was my Explorer, a pay-as-you-go phone and my wits. I placed a small Craigslist ad and in 10 minutes had my first moving job.

That was how I started my profitable new moving company.

I call this one “How I started my highly successful moving business.”

It is not my intention to make any videos about myself as this test is all about you that want to start their own business, moving or otherwise.

But Miles requested this, so I indulged him. I hope it holds up to the scrutiny.

In 2008, I started my company. It was July in Michigan, and it was a very hard year for the state has we were on of the hardest hit in the Great Recession.

But in the the six months that I had started my moving company I had earned over $30,000.

I did that 6 or 7 months folks.

I never looked back. And now I am making over 6 figures each and every year. I have a 6200 sq ft warehouse and a highly recognizable business that is well thought in the community.

You can do this too.

Ya just have to follow my advice. But to do that you need to subscribe to my channel. Like the videos, then comment on them and tell me what you like and dislike.

This way I can give you what you want and you can build your own successful moving business like I did…

Or any company for that matter.

Thanks for watching. God Bless. And have a great day!

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