The hardest part was selling my car and quitting my job, nothing was certain but I knew I wanted to work for myself. Being self employed has always been a dream of mine and starting a moving company was never something that was a passion for me but the money is good and it opens the door to save and start something even more profitable and fulfilling.

These rules and theory can be applied to other business ideas that deal with home services like power/pressure washing, junk removal, carpet cleaning and landscaping. The start up cost is very minimal and competition is not stiff as these are jobs were education and qualifications are not needed so there is plenty of drunks and lazy people who fill these fields.

Being professional and motivated will help you hit the ground running in any of these service based businesses, separate yourself from the competition (practice NoFap). Call your competitors and pretend you are a customer shopping around and you will quickly get an idea of how busy they are and what the going rate is. Incorporate a “pricematch guarantee” in all of your ads in big letters and watch your phone blow up. Subscribe to see my upcoming video on how to properly post on craigslist, kijiji & gumtree so your phone never stops ringing and ads don’t get flagged or ghosted(this is the real key to my success).

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