Finding a Good Moving Company for Relocating

May 30, 2016 0 By John Rodriguez

movers-ottawaThere are different situations in life when you relocate something – you’ve sold your house and you move into a new one, you expand your business and you need furniture and other equipment to be brought over or when you simply move the location of your business.

These are just simple examples for this, but they are not exhaustive – there are plenty of situations when people need the services of a professional moving company – someone who can take care of every detail that matters when you deal with such an important task.


If you try to do this alone, you’ll see that there are plenty of things that you’ll have to pay attention to, and if you’re involved in a moving process, you know that here are also other things that require your attention. As your time is limited, and most of the times, regular people don’t have the needed equipment to move their items from one place to another (just consider the furniture that is big and heavy and you need a truck or another big vehicle to transport them), it’s important to find the right moving company to help you out with this.


Let’s see how you can do this in just a few easy steps, as finding the best movers is extremely important.

Look Online

This is the first step that you have to take – look online for moving companies in your area. A good moving company will have a website where they will present every detail that is important to you. You’ll get their address, their contact information and even their working hours – you need to know how to contact them and when you can do it.


Vancouver-Local-MoverAlso, from the website, you will also be able to make a first idea about the prices that they practice and if they have special requirements.

Call Them

Once you’ve made a list with a few moving companies that you consider that they could work out for you, it’s important to give each of them a call. It’s time to see if their address is right and if the prices that you have seen on the website are accurate.


Make a list with everything that you learn from every moving company that you call – some of them might tell you different prices or different conditions from what is written in the website, so you need to know the details before taking a decision.

The Services

Each moving company will offer you different services, depending on your needs. This way, you will be able to choose among several or more options – moving your goods, storage possibilities, packing your things, moving an office, getting insurance, online reservations, and even corporate relocation services.

Depending on what you need and how busy you are or how important the items are, you could go with just moving your things, or you could also add a storage possibility – if you don’t have a place ready yet to store all your things, a risk insurance – to cover for the possible accidents that can take place during the moving or during the storage period, and so on.


Assuming you already know what you need them to do, choose the preferred moving company and make the reservation for the service or services that you want. It’s better to call them and talk to them personally, and also send an email to make sure that they have taken your request into consideration. Usually, they respond very well to phone-calls, but sending an email can be a further insurance that your request will not go un-notices.

The moving company usually replies with a confirmation for the reservation, and they also use to call before sending the team with the movers.


moving-boxes-moving-companiesLast, but not least, once you’ve chosen someone, make sure you have a written contract. There should be specified everything that you have both agreed – the terms of the moving, the time, the place – where they take the items from and where they deliver the items, the price of the services involved and so on. It’s also best to get a risk insurance, even if you don’t consider it to be necessary.

In the end, it will be up to you if you choose someone who offers quality services, or someone who offers less expensive services. However, make sure that you make the right choice in this, because if you don’t go with the right moving company, you could lose more than just your money – your items could also be in danger of getting lost or damaged.